Kevin Hokoana

My road to growing a home based business is not the typical story you see out there. Like many
people I did feel that I NEEDED to do something to get myself off of my current path to
financial ruin but, in hind sight I was doing OK.. (Or Was I?)

The day I decided to start my home based business was the same day that I was promoted to
the rank of Technical Sergeant in the USAF and like the old saying goes..

A LOT of thoughts were running in my mind in this picture.. 

Kevin and Kenji Hokoana

This was a Day of Celebration and all I could think about was “How Will I Give Them Everything They Deserve?”..  With my son as my my wife took that picture..

I didn’t want my wife to worry about Money and I wanted to make sure my son could go
to the best schools and not struggle just to get an education..

After this picture I went into the house, sat down on the couch and was flooded with thoughts
of future doom and gloom about our Financial Situation.. After all, the military
did not pay much and I knew that path would never lead my family to a life where they did not stress over money.

“I think we all have there fears, especially when you have a young family like I did at the time”

We would always struggle.. I would work 12+ hours a day, be deployed to remote
locations around the world and be leaving my family behind to live on a shoestring
budget.. But, I LOVED the Military and I LOVE my country. How could I make the
income I need and do the job I LOVE?

So what did I do? I took leave for 2 weeks and turned to the Internet…

For the next two weeks I didn’t sleep, I searched, toiled and tried every “Program”
I found.. The first week was Expensive.. LoL.. The second wee I found my THING..
A small company that payed you $1.00 per month per person you referred.. So I turned
to social media to build it.. This was before FaceBook and YouTUbe was even really on my
radar.. Anyway, I personally sponsored around 300 people into that company in my first 2
months. But it was a LOT of work and it was clear to me that I needed something that paid our

So, I tried a few more companies until I settled into what would be my first real education and real success in Marketing..


I tore this system up and in a few months was the Number 4 recruiter in the system and I was the new guys on the block..

Kevin Hokoana MLSP

I did this while Serving my country in remote locations, sometimes living in very cramped space.. After all I was in the USAF..

Kevin Hokoana

This was just the beginning, I pretty much went to the top of any company I promoted while serving my country working 12 to 14 hours a day. I only had 2 or 3 hours a day to focus on my home business and but that did not stop me, it slowed me down as times for sure but I was still able to become a ToP producer in every company I touched.

As for HOW I did this, well we will get to that in a minute.. Here are a couple of other ventures I went to the ToP of in short order..


Region capture 33

Not bad for a guy serving his country in the AirForce right? Well, there’s more.. Bear with me and I’ll tell you how I did all of this..

I then began training on the one thing that allowed me to grow multiple business opportunities and that one thing was and still is Lead Generation.. I launched a training program named Networking Insight and it was here that I was able to really help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.. Teaching traffic and lead generation is one of my favorite things to do, I cannot tell you how gratifying it is when a student makes their first sales online. It’s humbling and really drives you to do more.. Here is the thing thought. I still do this to this day and just to give you an example of the traffic that I am able to generate, have a look at some stats of my capture pages below:

My ToP 9 Capture pages got 1,281,838 visitors from December 3rd, 2015 to May 5th, 2016 (When I made This Post)

Region capture 36

But, Alas.. I moved on to something really special. In September of 2013 I launched a system by the name of DS Domination. Oh, Boy, this is where things get INSANE.. This was the start of something that I believe will change the way people make money online.. Period. With DS Domination we were able to help thousands of people grow an income from home leveraging eCommerce and Multi-Billion $$ Platforms like Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, ect..

In one of our events I asked who is making money with DS Domination and EVERYONE raised their hands..

Region capture 38

So what do you do when you are in the Military and are still able to help thousands of people grow their businesses and finally see financial security? The ONLY thing to do is spend more time helping people. So, I submitted my retirement paperwork, departed the AirForce and went Full-Time helping people reach their dreams.. It had to be done.. As much as I LOVED my time in the Air Force and as much as I knew I would miss serving my country, it was time for me to serve in a different fashion helping people grow their businesses on a global scale..

I retired as a Master Sargent and am very grateful to my country for giving me the opportunity.

Region capture 39

So now what am I doing? Well, I live in Japan with my wife and son and spend my days helping people grow their business online.. Since my retirement I have had a few events with some amazing people and very recently launched what has proven to be the Next Evolution on helping people grow an income Online.. INFINii. I have also launched a few marketing platforms that are getting people some amazing results.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to helping you grow and scale your business.. If you need to generate leads, I have you covered.. If you are new and need to get money in your pocket, I have you covered. I’ve dedicated my life to changing yours and all you need to do is reach out your hand and take it.

I believe in you, probably more than you believe in yourself..

To your MASSIVE Success,

Kevin Hokoana