Day 4 of our #2020GrandFinale Promo!

Tune in tonight for Day 4! Every night from December 1st - 20th at 9:30 pm ET, MWR Financial's top presenters, will be sharing our #MakeWealthReal message on Each night, at the beginning of the presentation, we will draw someone's name from all of the NEW QFDs that enrolled during the previous day. That person and their sponsor will both receive a $500 bonus. That's a total of $1000 given away EVERY DAY for 20 days, totaling $20,000! Check out who has already won a part of our 2020 #20GrandGiveaway: QFD $500 Winners: Day 1 - Jean Mellstrom Day 2 - Floyd Mason II Sponsor $500 Winners: Day 1 - William Mellstrom Day 2 - Vanessa Collazo Get your watch parties ready for tonight's #LIVE presentation at 9:30 pm ET! Tune in tonight to hear from our leaders and see if your name is drawn as the next $500 winner!

Posted by MWR Financial on Friday, December 4, 2020