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3 thoughts on “What do I do Next?

  1. I am so glad that this is the team´╗┐ I joined. One day I clicked on some link in a stranger’s signature in a news article I read. I don’t even remember´╗┐ which one but anyone that finds themselves in that position… bookmark that link because one day you’ll want to frame it and put it on your wall.
    You know what to do next.

  2. Kevin
    Great video blog. This is the first step to get someone started right. High Tech/High Touch will make us the most successful team. Getting on the phone with your personals will unleash a tidal wave of future bonuses(not just money)


  3. This is great training information for everyone who is new and is adding people to their business! You have to know the answer to this question so your team will continue to grow! I love the fact that you are sharing this with us so we can share it with our down line! Thanks for creating such an amazing site that we have unlimited access to, to grow our business! Amazing!